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Sierra Fitness Blog

  • Sierra Fitness Workout Tips For Beginners

    BY Sierra Fitness | ON Saturday, July 23, 2016

  • Sierra Fitness workout tips that anyone can undertake for a specialised, high intensity workout. Add them to your regime and you’ll be looking great and feeling great in no time.

    1. Warm-ups are crucial

    It may seem like common knowledge, but warm-ups are something that can be overlooked when you're working out every day. Before you start any specific workout, do a minimum of half an hour of stretching and strength conditioning to warm up.

    2. Always be conscious of your form

    You want to get the most out of a workout so it's best to make sure you're doing the exercise properly. It's not always about hard work - it's about intelligent work.

    3. Educate yourself

    Try to have the most thorough understanding of what every exercise you do strengthens and benefits. In short, figure out what parts of your body are under the most amount of strain form your daily routine, and tailor your workout to strengthening those areas.

    4. Keep your regime fresh

    Change it up as often as you feel is necessary. We can very easily become creatures of habit but your repertoire can change each season - and thus, so too should the areas you're working on at the gym.

    5. Know your strengths and weaknesses

    Though we follow certain workouts like gospel, everyone is made different - and that means you need to tailor a workout to what works best for your body. It's all about addressing what areas you want to strengthen. A good mix of weight training and cardio will keep you looking great and feeling great but don't forget to do a minimum of half an hour of stretching and strength conditioning before you workout.

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